Simian Truck Driver Stabs White Cop in Neck with Screwdriver, Gets Put Down

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Negroes never cease to amaze me with their complete inability to think things through.


Since this darkie is so fond of screwdrivers I’ll play this at his funeral.


I love how niggers think (or lack thought) they can beat the system. Stab that cop with a screwdriver - live happily ever after. Run from the cops in a car chase - escape and live happily ever after. Pull a gun on a cop - win and live happily ever after. These monkeys are dumber than dogs.


Niggers are dumb, but cops are evil jew enforcers. I’d rather the nigger win, any day of the week.


I think that the copper was extremely lucky this time. He got waaay too close to the
perp and by allowing him to hem and haw and shuffle papers around he lost control
of the situation. I think that because the cop is from a small town detachment (Sugar
Creek Ohio) he’s not as wary as he should be in the presence of blacks, and let his
guard down. He gave the perp the benefit of the doubt and treated him as a civilized
person, expressing through his body language that he did not see the perp as a threat.

I could tell that things weren’t kosher as soon as I realized that the perp was stalling,
that should always be interpreted as a sign that the suspect is planning an attack.

I think that all small town police officers should be given a crash course in how to
deal with suspects hailing from the “big city”.
It’s nice to be nice, but it’s not nice to be too nice.


Classic. This also seems relevant:

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Elijah Collins III, 32, was from High Point

lol nibbas and their hi-points


Nigger truck drivers are the worst.
They try to drive their rigs like sports cars and nearly completely disregard traffic laws.
They won’t put their sailfoms down and are entirely unfamiliar with turn signals.
And of course this baboon had a criminal record, and it just amazes me that trucking companies hire these things.


Their less developed frontal lobe doesn’t give them the ability to imagine the future more than like 15 seconds ahead.


Niggers are the least socially cooperative hominid subspecies. They are genetically libertarian, and don’t believe rules should apply to them. It’s one big reason why nigger societies are anarchy.


Agreed. For a cop he should have known better. He ignored the common rule about Around Blacks, Never Relax.



lol are you new?

I’m never surprised when it comes to niggerdom.


The negro was not stalling. He was refusing to cooperate on even the most basic level. He refused to sign the paper. He said he didn’t know his own phone number. Any White person should become familiar with this tactic: at times a negro will refuse to do even the most innocuous, common sense actions just because a White man is the one asking. You tell the cab driver to turn right but he continues on his own special way. If you try to get them to fix anything, make anything or do anything their racial obstinacy is unavoidable. “I’s ain’t doin’ it YO way. I’d doin’ it MAH way!”

This is called the negro defiance game. Negros do not understand competency whereas Whites see competency as the basis for social interaction. We demand of ourselves the same level of competency that we assume from other Whites. Negros do understand domination and submission though. A negro will not understand how to do the task, nor will he understand why one way of doing a task is better. He will understand that when you want him to do something for you, that he then has some power over you. “If you wants it dun, I’s gunna do it mah way.”

Whites need to understand this better. We need to learn not to be afraid to dominate them because if we don’t they will dominate us.

The most common behavior to be prepared for though is the negro intimidation game. The most simple form of could be something like a negro stretching its fat ass over a bus seat so that you cannot sit there without having uncomfortable physical contact with the negro. The negro will also walk directly in your way so that you have give way. These are all common examples of a bigger phenomena called the negro intimidation game.

Negros know how to use White politeness as a weapon against us. They will barge into conversations, waste your time with nonsense, while White people, the builders of civilization, stand there politely nodding while wishing that the negro would just leave. Mike Enoch gave is a solid tool for understanding the negro when he introduced the idea of cargo culting. The negro will use buzz words, catch phrases and gibberish that they do not understand to imitate White intellectual debate. I add the new idea that negros use intimidation and White passivity and niceness to dominate Whites in the social sphere. Whites will just stand there in silence while some negro will go on endlessly about race, about the white police, about “jobs”, or fawning all over some ghetto thug celebrity while we Whites just nod, mildly agree or pretend to care.

These situations are purely about intimidation. The negro intimidates us into silence. They do not use logic. They use our fear and passivity.

I’d love to have more time to write about this with some examples but I’m sure that anyone can notice this behavior because it’s all around us where negros interact with Whites.


I’m glad the cop defended himself even though he probably didn’t see that coming.


Very well said. Literally 90% of my interactions with blacks follow this pattern.



Was going to walk with a ticket, now he’ll never walk again lol


Fuck who could? Cop gives him a ticket and lets him go, so the nig chimps out?

Good thing he had a body cam no one would have believed his story.


Exactly. The element of surprise has cost many their lives.


Indeed. I learned the negro intimidation game early on as a small child when I bumped into a negro man’s child about the same age as me in a grocery store. He looked down at me with his shower cap-wearing head and said, “you apologize to him.” And he said it and looked at me in a way I instinctively knew he would knock me down or worse if I didn’t, so he won. And I have seen that intimidation-type game work on Whites ever since.

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